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Cube Half Locker

If you only store a few items, our Cube Half Locker will be your best choice! The half-locker service is equipped with a personal lock, 24/7 climate-controlled, and CCTV to ensure the safety of your items. Half-locker storage solutions do not require a long-term contract, you can increase storage space at any time. It is flexible and affordable.

Storage size: H 3ft x L 4ft x W 4ft

Cube Half Locker

Cube Luggage Storage

Travelers who wish to travel around Hong Kong usually need luggage storage to make their journey easy. For this requirement, Cube has come out with safe and convenient Luggage Storage Solutions to fit the needs of travelers.

We are a 24/7 self-access self-storage, travelers can access their storage anytime. Our facilities are close to the MTR station and our friendly staff are fluent in Chinese, English, and Cantonese. Therefore, it is convenient for travelers regarding location or communication.

Cube Mini Box Storage

Cube Mini Box Storage service makes it easy to store your home or office items. We will deliver the Cube Mini storage case to your designated location on the date you set. After placing the items in the storage box, your storage box will be checked with a security seal paper and code. After completing all the steps, you can inform us to pick up the item.

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How Cube Mini Storage works?

It’s easy! Just call us or fill in our online contact form and we will be in touch to arrange the plastic storage box delivery and collection. During your chosen collection time we will arrive at your address, securely seal the boxes and take them to our warehouse where they will be stored.

What can I store in my Cube Mini?

You can store virtually anything except:

– Living materials, such as animals and plants
– Hazardous items such as flammable liquids or explosives
– Perishable items such as food
– Unauthorised or illegal goods such as firearms.

NB Customs and police have statutory rights enabling them to visit your room.

How are my Cube Mini boxes stored?

Your boxes are stored in our dry, clean and climate controlled storage units at our secure warehouse. Your boxes will be collected by our expert team and safely loaded into the warehouse itself. A record will be made of their location so that we can easily return your boxes when you need them.

How many boxes can I store at a time?

There is no limit or maximum number of boxes. If you are unsure as to how many boxes you will actually need, don’t worry – we can deliver extra boxes for your packing and you will only pay for the boxes you store. To make life easier, our team are always on hand to discuss your requirements and can make suggestions as to the number of boxes you will require.

How secure is your warehouse?

Our warehouse has 24 hour monitoring, fire alarms and smoke detectors. Your items could not be under safer care. We can also offer specialist climate controlled storage for items such as wine that require extra precaution when they are stored.

Can I go to your storage facility directly if I want to add or take away items?

To ensure the highest standards of security, we do allow you to access your box under supervision from our customer service executive at our storage warehouse facility, but we are more than happy to arrange deliveries or collections at times that are convenient for you and subject to additional charges.

Are my items insured when they are stored?

Yes. We highly recommend storage insurance to all our customers. We’ll be happy to arrange for insurance coverage for you or if you have your own insurance coverage simply provide us a copy of your insurance plan.

Do you open the boxes we store?

Your Cube Mini boxes will be sealed with unique numbered security seals. Unless we have a legitimate legal concern or are under direction from customs or police officers, we will not open your boxes.

Are the boxes environmentally friendly?

Our durable plastic boxes are far more environmentally friendly than ordinary cardboard boxes. They are reusable so decrease the amount of waste sent to landfill sites and at the end of their lifecycle they can be recycled.

How do I contact you if need to?

Our friendly team is always on hand if you need help with collections, deliveries or need any advice or just have any questions that you would like to discuss. Simply contact us using the information on this site.


What sizes are your boxes?

Our standard boxes come in a size of 635 x 410 x 325mm. If you require a larger crate size please speak to a member of our team about our range of reusable plastic packing boxes.

Is there a weight limit per box?

There is no minimum weight, but goods stored with us must not exceed 20KG per Box or per Item (inclusive box weight)

How do I lock the boxes?

The boxes come with an integral lid; once these are shut, we will provide you with a secure, numbered seal to lock the boxes securely and ensure that your contents are safe and cannot be tampered with.

Can I store my own boxes?

No, to ensure consistent levels of security in our service we can only store the boxes that we provide you with.

Do you offer a packing service?

If you need a hand with packing your boxes, please speak to a member of our team or contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

How long do I have to pack my boxes before I can have them collected and stored?

You can take up to three weeks to arrange a collection after you have taken delivery of your boxes and collection cost apply.

Can I go to your storage facility directly if I want to add or take away items?

To ensure the highest standards of security, we do allow you to access your box under supervision from our customer service executive at our storage warehouse facility, but we are more than happy to arrange deliveries or collections at times that are convenient for you and subject to additional charges.

If I want to pack and have my boxes delivered on the same day, will your team wait for me to pack?

Our team operate on a collection and delivery schedule. To avoid delays we can wait up until 60 minutes while you pack or transfer your items, after which we will need to arrange an alternate collection slot for you. Our team are happy to advise you as to average packing times if you are unsure as to how much time you may need.


Who will transport my boxes?

We offer an expert team skilled to the highest of standards. Our team members are handpicked by us to ensure that they promote the Cube Self Storage ideals of only promoting exceptional standards of service.

How are my boxes transported?

Your boxes can be transported in your own transport or by one of our third-party logistic partners. The boxes themselves provide durable protection so there is no need to worry that your items may get damaged in transit. And should the worst happen, you can speak to our friendly team about claiming through insurance.

How many times can I get my boxes delivered or add new stuff?

There is no limit to the amount you can request, and we schedule in collections and deliveries as soon as we possibly can. Please speak to our team when you need to arrange a collection or delivery, and subject to additional charges.

What happens if I need to change my delivery or collection slot?

We understand that sometimes schedules can change, so as long as you let us know by 5pm the day beforehand, we will work to accommodate your change request. Please note that if you do not let us know of the change beforehand you will be subject to additional charges.

What if I decide to cancel after you have dropped off my boxes?

If your storage needs change, it’s no problem at all. Just let us know and we will come collect the boxes. Please note that there will be an empty box collection fee.

What do I do when I want my stored items back?

Just call us or use our online form and we will be happy to arrange that your goods are delivered to you and we can answer any final billing queries that you may have.

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