Cube Mini

Cube Mini Box Storage

Valet Storage Solution

Cube Mini Storage provides you with an easy and flexible solution to storing your items. Instead of having to fill a locker or entire storage unit, you can store by the plastic box – how many Cube Mini boxes you want to store or how long you want to store them for is entirely up to you. We also deliver and collect Cube Mini boxes at the times that suit you best as part of the service – so it’s your storage, your way.

Our durable and secure Cube Mini boxes provide excellent protection for personal items that you want to store, such as:
  • Toys or children’s clothing
  • Hobby collections
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Photo albums or personal documents

Cube Mini valet service

We pride ourselves on making our Cube Mini service as convenient as possible. You choose the delivery and collection times, pack the boxes when suits you best and we will collect them at the time that you specify. And when you need your boxes back? Simply call us or contact us and we will deliver them straight back to your door.