Cube Mini Storage Solutions

Cube Mini Storage Solutions

Cube Mini for everyone

Whether you need to store stock, documents or if you just want to store your personal possessions, Cube Mini provides you with a convenient and flexible way to store what you need to.  All of our Cube Mini storage options are built around you. This means that you can store anything from a single box to hundreds, for as long as you need to store them - even if it’s just a week!

Our Cube Mini solutions include:

Cube Mini Box Storage

Our plastic Cube Mini boxes are strong, durable and weatherproof. They can be reused so are environmentally friendly and come in three handy sizes to help you pack most items quickly and easily.

Cube Mini Wardrobe Storage

With Cube Mini you can keep the clothing items that you simply don’t have the space to store yourself. Whether its seasonal accessories, entire fashion collections or even if you just want to take advantage of the sales, your wardrobe items will be kept in perfect condition in our sturdy Cube Mini boxes that are stored in our climate controlled warehouse.

Cube Mini Luggage & Oversize Storage

If you have a larger or bulky item you need stored, we are always happy to help – it doesn’t have to fit in our Cube Mini box. You can store whatever you like whether it’s your suitcases, large festive decorations or even sports equipment such as skis or golf clubs.

Cube Mini Document Storage

Cube Mini boxes are entirely secure – this makes them perfect for businesses who need to store documents but just don’t have the space to do so. The boxes are security sealed and tracked so if you need a document or box back, we can have it delivered back to you quickly and safely.