How Cube Mini Works

How Cube Mini Works?

Convenient Door-to-Door Storage

How to order your Cube Mini boxes for storage

Step 1 - Registration

Step 2 - Drop Off

Cube Mini will be delivered to your home/office. Spare Cube Mini boxes can also be delivered to you. We only charge for whatever you use. Please see our FAQ section to find out what items cannot be stored in our Cube Mini Storage boxes.

Step 3 - Collection

We will arrive at your home/office at your chosen collection time, and securely seal your packed Cube Mini boxes. You can take up to three weeks to pack and then arrange a collection after the delivery of your empty Cube Mini boxes.

We offer secure, specifically numbered seals to lock your Cube Mini boxes and to ensure they can be accurately traced. To ensure the highest standards of security, customers are not allowed to access their Cube Mini boxes at the warehouse. We will deliver your boxes back to you after you have contacted us to book your delivery slot.

Storage conditions for your Cube Mini boxes:

  • Dry, clean and climate controlled storage warehouse
  • Temperature: 21°C - 24°C ; Humidity: 60% - 80%
  • 24 hour monitoring, fire alarms and smoke detectors

Step 4 - Delivery

When you need your Cube Mini boxes back, simply notify us and we will arrange delivery as soon as we can. (Normally within two working days).