Cube Mini for Students

Cube Mini for Students

Quick, Easy & Flexible

As a student, there are many times when you just wish you had a little bit more space. When you move into your new accommodation, or when you go travelling, you are always left with those few extra items that you just can’t make fit no matter what you do. Our Cube Mini service lets you store whatever you need to, for as long as you need to.

The best protection

Cube Mini storage lets you store your personal items in our durable plastic boxes which are kept in our climate controlled warehouse under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. The boxes themselves are easy to seal and are tamper proof so you don’t have to worry about your stuff when in storage.

Valet service

We will deliver you empty Cube Mini boxes which you can pack when it suits you. Then just let us know which collection slot works best for you and we will pick up the boxes from your door.  And when you want them back? Ring us or contact us and we will deliver them straight back to you – easy!