The Chocolate Club – The Encounter between Katie and Craft Chocolate

In this Customer Story, we catch up with Katie, founder of The Chocolate Club and a Hong Kong chocolate connoisseur. In an exclusive interview, she shares her passion and obsession for craft chocolate and how she turned “interest” into “opportunity.” As a food product developer for a confectionery trading company from the UK, Katie was responsible for developing a new brand of chocolate called “Awfully Chocolate.” During this time, she researched the needs of the Hong Kong market, which helped her gain a professional qualification […]

TinyBitz – Personalized Gift for Infants & Babies

  TinyBitz started in 2013 as a personalized gift company specializing in knitted and embroidered products such as blankets, baby products, and pet products. Petina was inspired to start her business by the birth of her niece. Petina, who loves her niece, has always wanted to give her a unique and meaningful gift. At that time, personalized gifts were not popular in Hong Kong. She realized how meaningful it would be to create personalized gifts for every child’s life stage. She believed that the business […]

2021 Chinese New Year Opening Hour

Please note our special opening hours arrangement during the Chinese New Year. Cube’s Opening Hours for Public Holidays: 11 Feb (Thursday) – 9 am to 3pm 12 Feb to 14 Feb (Friday to Sunday) – Closed for Public Holiday 15 Feb (Monday) – 10 am to 4 pm 16 Feb (Tuesday) – Normal Opening Hours If you require our delivery or collection service during this period, please contact us in advance to pre-arrange for you. For any enquiries, please call 2914 2200 or Contact Us. […]

2021 Space-saving Loft Design Ideas

For owners of “Nano Appartments,” space-saving is always a big concern. As loft design becomes more popular in Hong Kong, more people are looking to incorporate space-saving ideas into their design. Here are six space-saving loft design ideas that can help you enlarge your living space. Home Studio Due to the impact of the epidemic, many office workers have turned to work from home. A dedicated working area will help you concentrate and get work done. Taking the time to design a home studio with […]

Best Christmas Decorations in Hong Kong for 2020

Hong Kong Christmas Decorations in Shopping Malls
Every year, Christmas Decorations in major Hong Kong shopping areas are all everyone can talk about. Shopping malls do their best to create the perfect “Instagrammable” spot to draw in the crowd.  We expected this year’s lights and glamor to be lackluster due to COVID, but it looks like no one is slowing down! Here are some of the best Christmas decorations to visit with your family and friends in 2020. Don’t miss out! Harbour City When it comes to Christmas decorations, Harbour City in […]
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