The self-storage industry in Hong Kong continues to grow due to the severe short of space, no matter in residential or office space. Everyone is facing different spatial problems. To meet different customers’ needs, many storage companies will offer flexible storage services.

We strive to understand our user’s reasons and requirements before helping to solve their problem. We communicate and listen before tailoring the best storage solution for their needs. After years of experience and observation, here are the 10 types of people who need self-storage the most:

1. House Renovators

Renovating a home requires space and causes dust and clutter. Therefore, most people will store their household items in storage, such as clothing, electrical appliances, furniture, etc., to avoid dust during decoration.

2. Home relocators

People rent self-storage while their homes or offices move. It may be because the new house or new office is not ready yet, or because the new place is smaller than before. Therefore, people use personal storage to store items since it is safe and has 24/7 accessibility.

3. Collectors

Collectors need space, especially when they collect delicate and fragile items. To keep their collections safe, or to make room for them, collectors like to rent personal storage, so that they have more space to build their “kingdom.”

4. Travellers

Travellers, especially backpackers, tend to look for luggage storage services in order to get around, and self-storage is always the right choice for them. They can rent the storage space depending on their need, which is very cost-effective.

5. Immigrants

Moving items overseas is not easy for every immigrant. For items that they can’t take with them, renting storage is the best solution. For example large furniture, old clothes, large electrical appliances and so on.

6. Business downsizes

Since the outbreak of COVID, many companies have faced huge losses and have been forced to downsize their company to save on rent and expenses. They store the company’s furniture, documents, machinery, etc. in business storage until they reopen for business.

7. E-commerce/Entrepreneurship

Many people start a business with a small inventory of products, so they do not need to rent a large warehouse. However, if the products are stored at home, it may cause a lack of space. Therefore, storing the product in storage can solve this problem. Business storage provides flexible storage, which can be changed at any time according to the number of items.

8. Event Company

Event companies use a lot of expensive equipment and props. Storing them in a self-storage with a 24/7 climate-controlled system and a personal lock can make sure all items are safe and secure.

9. Newly marries or Divorcees

Are newlyweds and divorcees also self-storage users? Yes, they are. Whether newly married cohabitation or separate will affect the planning of accommodation. Therefore, when they need to make more space or dispose of some household items, they often need self-storage.

10. New parents

To meet the arrival of the baby, many new parents will be excited to decorate spaces to put the crib or design the baby’s area. Therefore, mom and dad will store their own items in the self-storage. When the baby grows up, they will also keep the baby’s belongings in a self-storage until the second baby arrives.

Are you one of these 10 people? In addition to self-storage service, we also provide relevant services according to different customer requirements, such as transportation, packing materials, providing on-site surveys, etc.

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