For owners of “Nano Appartments,” space-saving is always a big concern. As loft design becomes more popular in Hong Kong, more people are looking to incorporate space-saving ideas into their design.

Here are six space-saving design ideas that can help you enlarge your living space.

  1. Home Studio

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many office workers have turned to work from home. A dedicated working area will help you concentrate and get work done. Taking the time to design a home studio with lots of natural light, less noise, and comfortable seating positions will help you stay productive.

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2. Elevated Bedroom

Is your living room also your bedroom? Do you have enough space for a sofa but not a bed? These are the common issues for small room owners.

Creating a second level for your bed turns your loft into a duplex and help you maximize all that space above your head.

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3. Loft Bed

Loft beds are like bunk beds, but you can turn the bottom area into a workstation. Taking up very few square feet of space, you’re free to maximize the rest of your space once the two most important things are taken care of.

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4. Staircase Lockers

Don’t ignore every little corner; it might be useful! The loft design not only provides extra space but also allows you to use the stairwells as lockers. Therefore, you don’t have to put an additional locker, saving more space.

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5. Elevated Work Area

Compared to the study room, a loft desk needs less space. If you only have a small space to build a loft, then a loft study desk might be suitable for you rather than a loft study room. Put your study desk in the area to create an uninterrupted study environment.
Gentle reminder: The learning environment must be well lit, ventilated, and preferably with Windows.

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6. Lounge Area

Unlike loft bedrooms, the loft lounge area does not need to be too large and is simple in design. It is mainly for relaxation, such as chatting area, doing yoga, or reading a book. If you want to create a private space in your home, a lounge area is always your right choice.

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Make good use of every space; loft design helps small space become capacious and comfortable. In addition to making changes in your living space, you can also store your items with Cube Self Storage. to save more space. Our 24/7 access system allows you to access your units to pick up items at any time.

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