Trick or Treat! Halloween is a children’s day to rule the roost. Time to prepare spooky costumes, fun games, candies, and gifts to celebrate the festival. With the advent of Halloween, many shopping malls, restaurants, and theme parks will hold Halloween-themed activities to immerse us in the festivities. The following 7 Halloween activities are suitable for both children and adults to participate in. Take advantage of this opportunity to have a happy Halloween with families and friends.

1. Disneyland

Talking about Hong Kong’s most popular theme park, we must think of “Disneyland”. They hold a big Halloween event every year. Disney Halloween Time will put you into the world of evil villains this year! In the theatre ” Let’s Get Wicked “, “Wicked Fun Party Zone”, you’ll be able to see Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Dr. Facilier, Gaston, Maleficent and so on performing well-known villain songs.

Image source: Disneyland website

You can also dress up as your favourite Disney characters, join the Mickey Halloween Time Street Party, or take photos with cartoon characters in the Halloween Time Festival Gardens. In terms of food, you can also enjoy the Disney limited “Jack Skellington’s The Nightmare Before Dinner”, “Wicked Starlight Picnic Package” or other supporting packages to have a fun Halloween at Disneyland!

Image source: Disneyland website

2. Legoland

The Halloween theme of Legoland is “Monster Party”, which allows children to experience the fun of Lego while getting involved in the Halloween mood. These include ” The Great Monster Chase “, “Brick-or-Treat”, “Festive Creative Workshop”, etc. You will get a Legoland gift if you complete your assigned task! Lego Skeleton Guy will appear from time to time to surprise the children. Everyone can have a picture together.

Image source: Legoland website

3. Ocean Park

If you are a thrill seeker who wants to explore new things, join Ocean Park’s “Halloween Parkaverse”. The theme of this year is to freakout from ancient time to the stars, allowing you to shift into the multiverse, such as “Planet Pixel”, “Space Wrecked”, “Mausoleum of Madness”, “Ruins of the Damned”, and “The House of Wraith Puppet”.

In terms of food, Café Ocean has prepared limited-time Halloween menus such as Halloween Fest Bento Box with the theme of Hungry Ghost Festival, Pizza Set Meals, Halloween Snack Platter for kids, and special desserts with the Chinese Vampire theme.

Image source: Ocean Park website

4. The workshop

Cultivate children’s hobbies by doing crafts and exploring their creativity. During this period, many art workshops offer one-day courses on the theme of Halloween, such as handmade soap, cake design, light clay, 3D drawing pen, etc. If you have children who enjoy static activities, take them along to learn more about handmade work.

5. Craft market

Hong Kong craft market is a good place to enjoy fun. It is also a good place to support local young people to start creative businesses. During Halloween, there are many street markets in Hong Kong with the theme of Halloween that are suitable for families. For example, the Halloween market in Discovery Bay Plaza has more than 60 merchants. In addition to food and handmade products, there are also special features such as Halloween face painting, candies giving, or photo taking. The kids will love it very much.

Image source: Handmade Hong Kong website

6. Halloween theme restaurant

During the festival, there are a lot of restaurants that decorate with a Halloween theme.  They will also prepare a Halloween menu that makes the food spooky looks to the surprise and delight of customers. Don’t forget to take pictures!

7. Own a Halloween party

Some people like to plan parties and invite family and friends to celebrate the festivities! Do you like to plan parties too? Hold a Halloween party at home and enjoy a warm and happy Halloween with friends and family.

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