3 Life Hacks to Ensure a Happy Home for Newlyweds

3 Life Hacks to Ensure a Happy Home for Newlyweds

Find out how the joy of space can help bring you closer together

Married life typically means sharing everything together including moving under the same roof. From an economic perspective, this is great in the sense that both you and your significant other can now share out the cost of living; from cohabitation right down to the cost of your groceries. For most couples, that also means healthier home-cooked meals rather than eating out all the time.
The only potential downside with cohabitation is how you share your space and if each of you get enough of it. This is even more so with the newer, smaller apartments especially if both of you have already accumulated quite a few belongings before settling down.
While most young couples may not need too much space in the beginning, especially before starting a family, prevention is always better than a cure - and the easiest thing is just to ensure that you have all your bases covered, here's how;

1. Give your spouse space - literally!
Most relationship gurus will tell you that you need to constantly work at your marriage and not get complacent including giving them space, from a metaphorical sense - what they have not addressed is actually giving your significant other actual physical living space.
While it might sound trivial, sometimes even the smallest of things can lead to unnecessary arguments such as the lack of space to everyone’s stuff!

2. Don't leave your stuff all over the place.
A marriage is a two-way street but as individuals, we tend to like our stuff where we put it, even though we know we should’ve been more courteous and store it away - even when we’re not done yet, when we decide to take a break.
While you could've gotten away with this forever when you were flying solo, having a 'co-pilot' in your life means keeping the runaway clear of your stuff. Since this rule goes both ways; it’s best to be tolerant if either the pilot or the co-pilot messes up the runway.

3. It's only cluttered if it’s a mess.
The easy way of ensuring that your stuff won't clutter up the entire apartment is to ALWAYS return them to their proper storage location once you're done using it. That's only a problem if you don't have a place to store your stuff in the first place.

The easiest way of going about this is to store them in storage crates and properly label it. For infrequently items, do consider moving them to a dedicated storage facility such as Cube’s self storage. By stowing away your less-often used items in our storage facility, not only would you free up more space for your hobbies but also have plenty of room for more on the way!

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