Have you ever wished for a big warehouse so you can store all your beloved toys?

Have you ever wished for a big warehouse so you can store all your beloved toys? For many toy enthusiasts, this has to be one of the biggest points on their wish lists. Wish is unlimited, your wallet is not. Not everyone can easily afford a ten thousand cubic feet warehouse, so how can one properly store their beautiful toys without a grand warehouse? Well, self-storage service is usually the way to go. Some people prefer keeping the toys to themselves. Wherever you want your precious stored, Cube has three tips for you to find the best environment.

1. Anti-dust
The first thing on the list is anti-dusting. Dust damages toys through accumulation – much like a timed bomb. It seems like nothing at first but once it goes off, it’s already too late. Dusting erodes materials like plastic, fabric and metal. Heavy dust discolours toy’s surface, rusts the metal, and ultimately ruins the original form. For those of you who store at home, use different sized of glass or Acrylic plastic showcases to cover your toys. Self storage services usually offers units in enclosed area to keep the goods from any dirt. While self-storage solution provides well-located units, you can still bring along the showcases for extra protection.

2. Thermal Insulation
Temperature is a doll’s biggest enemy – either too hot or too cold will hurt the toy permanently. Overheating degrades plastics and vastly damages the composition. Long term exposure to heat will melt the toys. Cold temperature will freeze the toy and crack the paint. Try to maintain the room temperature at 25 degree Celsius. Also avoid exposing your toys to direct sunlight if you store at home. For self storage users, look for places with 24/7 climate control system so the temperature would not damage the toys.

3. Dehumidification
Hong Kong is notorious for her humidity – it gets really sticky especially in spring. The humid air can be tricky to keep the toys clean since humid climate is the cradle of mold. Mold is really sneaky – it’s only recognizable when damage has already been done. Fortunately, a dry environment helps to restrain mold bacteria. Keep an air conditioner around to keep the air clean. For self storage users – look for places with well monitored air condition system.

You want the best for your collection and so do we. The best way to preserve your toys is to let the experts do it – you can hire mini storage services with 24/7 temperature and dehumidification system for only a few hundreds of dollars. Give your toys the best you can and they will repay you with much more love and fun memories.

Need to hire storage services for your toys? Cube us a call at 2914 2200 or submit a ticket – we are ready to be your toys’ hero, even just for one day.