Self storage is the ideal solution for space saving in our homes but needs careful planning and time
Follow our tips for effective self storing!

1) Have a clear out: Although quickly putting things in boxes sounds ideal, you could actually be wasting your storage space. Take time to sort through the things you are planning on storing – do you actually need them? You may find that you can get rid of some of these items and use the space they would have taken up in storage for other (more important) items.

2) Box effectively: Once you know which items you are going to store, sort them into groups of similar items. This will enable you to know exactly what is in each box, making each one easily identifiable once in storage. For boxes and packing materials, visit our Online Box Shop for all your packing material needs. We even have wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes!

3) Protect delicate items: Items in storage can be at risk from mould. Ensure prior to storage that items are dry (especially fabric). If storing furniture, give them a good clean/polish/wax prior to storage to maintain their good condition.

4) Have a storage plan: When moving your things into a storage unit, create a storage plan. Work out which items you may need access to and store them at the front of your unit. Ensure boxes are clearly labelled to save time. Store heavier boxes at the bottom if stacking to protect the contents of other lighter boxes.

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