Quick and easy tips to trick the eye into thinking your room is twice its actual size!

Many of us dream of having a large bedroom with a walk-in closet and a big four posted bed but in Hong Kong, that dream is difficult to achieve but not impossible. Our storage experts would like to share a few great tricks to make even the tiniest bedroom look massive. From mirrors to shelving, here’s how a little reorganisation can go a long way!

Tip #1 – Let natural light in
Make use of your windows. Draw the curtains and allow the natural light to come in, making the room look bright and spacious. Open the windows for a breath of fresh air.

Tip #2 – Choose light colours
Give your bedroom a makeover with a splash of colour. Set the tone of your bedroom with soft and light shades. These colours reflect light making your room feel brighter and more spacious.

Tip #3 – Go for Modular Furniture
In today’s modern age, many are turning to this furniture trend! This multifunctional transformable furniture can be converted into different shapes and for different uses saving a lot of space. There’s nothing like furniture that can serve multiple purposes!

Tip #4 – Clear the Clutter
The best way to make a room look and feel spacious is to make space! Reduce unnecessary furniture items that takes up floor space such as bedside tables, stools, standing lamps and potted plants to free up more space. Keep it as simple as possible!

Tip #5 – Keep your room neat and tidy
After clearing, do you find yourself in need of a storage space? Don’t just leave the boxes lying about in your room. Keep your bedroom looking clutter-free with Cube Self Storage.

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