Don’t let those schoolbooks and artwork pile up, get organised instead!

Are your kids bringing home tons of papers, art projects and books from school? The list goes on and on, summed up with all the other storybooks and toys you already have at home! It’s only normal as kids begin to explore and learn through arts & craft as well as through play.

Stay on top of things with these 5 ideas and solutions to keep the home organised.

1. Sort and arrange in order
Categorise the schoolbooks into different classifications or subjects. For example, separate picture books, drawing books, story books and workbooks. For schoolbooks, you could even break them down according to specific subjects like mathematics, languages or even science. Use a cabinet with partitions along with book stands. With all these books neatly arranged, you and your child can easily find the book when needed. Next, get your child to identify and recognise which book goes where. Make it fun by using colour coding to help children recognise the different subjects.

2. Use plastic storage bins
Store all the artsy crafties in storage bins. This will keep the house from being scattered with paper or toys. This way, you will also get to preserve and keep these hand drawings as precious memories and reminisce in the years to come. While at the same time, teach your child from young to put away their items and in the long run instil this great habit of keeping tidy always.

3. Store at an accessible height
Safety first! When choosing storage cabinets for your child, remember not to choose cabinets which are too high. Children could fall when climbing up to reach their favourite toy and book or worst, the cupboard could topple over on top of them. Additionally, install safety hinges or latches to ensure cabinets are firmly secured onto the wall.

4. Put away unused items
As children grow, books and toys must also be updated with age, similar to clothes! Place the old ones aside in storage, and keep your home tidy. Plus, if you are planning to have another child, you could store them and keep them till you need it when your other bundle of joy comes!

5. Store with Cube Self Storage
All these precious moments accumulated throughout the years, can take up a lot of storage space! Books and papers over the years, often turn yellow and potentially attract silver worms without the right care. Don’t let this happen!

Store with us in our 24-hour temperature management ensuring good air circulation and best conditions for all your children’s books and artwork.

Get organised and store with us today.

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