Nowadays, due to the rising costs of land, homes are smaller and loft designs are becoming more popular and practical to many homeowners. Generally, we use a loft design to create a sense of space and fashion in our bedroom, study room, or storeroom.

However, some housing constructions are not suitable for lofts! Take a look at these keys points to see if the loft design fits your home pattern.


  1. Ceiling Height

According to the advice of professional architects, to build a standard loft design, the room should be at least 3 meters high. Reserve about 2 meters for the bottom part and 1 meter for the upper part. Upper part should not hit your head when you sitting on your bed and the bottom part is convenient for adults to walk around.

If the bottom is too low, it may affect our daily life and even cause an oppressive feeling. In addition, the design should also consider and avoid the position of the beam.


  1. Air circulation

We usually use the loft as a bedroom. If the air in the bedroom is not ventilated, it will affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, the issue of air circulation in the loft is crucial. Install the air conditioners above the loft, and make sure that air flows downward.


  1. Sockets

Your loft is not user-friendly without a socket. We need electricity for air conditioning, lighting, charging electrical appliances, or even using a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, socket installation is important!


  1. Materials

The materials of the loft must be light and stable. Traditional lofts generally use iron racks with the method of welding. In addition, the gypsum board is also one of the important materials since it is thin and light but strong enough. In addition, the light-colored design and the use of glass as materials will improve the lighting and sense of space.

  1. Loft’s stairs

Decide the loft’s stairs pattern according to your interior areas, such as storage style, climbing style, or even suspension style.

Storage staircase is convenient for people who want to save space. It can be used for storing, the side of the stairs may also be your TV ark.

Climbing stairs is the most space-saving design, but also dangerous and not suitable for families with young children.

The design of the suspension staircase is very fashionable but only suitable for large spaces.

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