New baby on the way? Get the home ready!

Have you just received the most amazing news … is a baby on the way? How exciting! But there’s just so much to do to get everything ready, from the essentials (baby clothes, baby toiletries, baby furniture) to baby-proofing the home. Many new parents-to-be focus mainly on the essentials that they often forget of the latter which is just as equally as important!

Get your home ready to welcome a new baby with these 5 great tips to baby proof your home!

1. Baby Cot
A baby crib is where your baby will be spending most time at, napping during the day and sleeping at night! When a baby starts to crawl and climb, place some cushions or mattress around the crib. This will help to reduce the impact of the fall.

2. Table Edge
Always keep a look out for sharp edges. A coffee table’s edge is the same height as a toddler and a baby could easily bump into it and get hurt when learning to walk. Cover the sharp edges with some padding and tape!

3. Dangerous tools
Always store dangerous tools such as needles, scissors and blades out of reach of the baby! After each use, be sure to keep them back straightaway in a tool box and store it in a high cabinet.

4. Slippery floors
A child who is just learning to crawl is still learning to balance his or herself and can easily trip and fall from water spills, oil stains or trip over toys and could end up bruising the head! Always put aside toys after each play and place baby play mats.

5. Clutter
Don’t pile up stacks of books or items on top of another. Many households often stack boxes and bags up to the roof due to limited space. These items could easily topple and fall. A safer option would be to get a Cube Self Storage unit! Store away your breakables and belongings that aren’t “baby friendly” in our Cube Self Storage units. Our climate controlled storage is perfect to keep family photographs, memorabilia, trophies and more in pristine condition.

With a Cube Self Storage unit, that also means more space to stock up on baby products! Purchase diapers, baby wipes, baby shampoo in bulk and save more.

What are you waiting for?

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