Check out a list of things to keep an eye out for in this summer heat.

Summer is here and it’s here to stay for at least a couple months or so! The weather is hot and humid. It’s best to keep hydrated to avoid a heat stroke. Many objects and appliances could also get damaged or destroyed with scorching temperatures.

Here’s a quick list of items easily affected by rising temperatures.

1. Electrical Appliances / Gadgets
Motor devices and batteries in electronic products are sensitive to high temperatures. If exposed to the sun over a long period of time, certain parts of the electrical appliances will corrode. Batteries will start to leak causing irreparable damage. During the summer, when gadgets are not in use, separate the batteries and switch off kitchen appliances to let it rest and cool down.

2. Cosmetics / Make Up
Do you notice during the summer days, your lipstick has a tendency to melt when the weather gets too hot? It’s perfectly normal as lipsticks are made from wax, oils, and emollients. When a lipstick melts, this may damage the colour pigments and once a cosmetic product deteriorates, it is very likely to cause skin allergies! Protect your make up products by storing them away from the summer sun in cosmetic bags and pouches.

3. Home Furniture
Furniture made from wood or leather are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Wood will crack and rot, while leather will turn mouldy and start to chip (making it look aged prematurely, torn and tattered). A good way to combat this is to switch on the air conditioning unit to cool down indoor temperatures.

4. Photographs
Don’t let your precious memories fade away! Over time, exposure to sunlight will cause photos to fade and blur or turn an odd yellow colour. Store your photo collection away from the summer heat to ensure your photos remain intact.

5. Sporting Equipment
Do you love cycling? Bicycle wheels are made from rubber and rubber is sensitive to heat causing the rubber to expand and lose its elasticity. This can damage your tires beyond repair. A good way to prevent this is to store your bicycles under the shade. Other sporting equipment sensitive to hot weather are tennis racquets, footballs, and sport shoes.

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