The benefits of storing your cherished books in a self storage unit

Are you an avid reader like us? Well, who doesn’t love immersing in a good book! Indeed, books are great to have, enjoy and read but accumulating all sorts of books such as cook books, story books, biographies, comic books and children books can take up a lot of space at home.

Would you like to know a good book storage solution?

Why not store your paperback and hardback books in our Cube Climate Controlled Storage!

Here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. Prevents Moisture Damage
With our Climate Controlled Storage units, you can be sure we will maintain the right temperatures to store your books safe from a book’s No.1 enemy, humidity. Humidity will create moisture on the paper turning it mouldy and end up ruining your books.

2. Away from Book Loving Silverfish
Silverfish loves books but not reading them! Humidity attracts these book loving creatures, who will munch on your favourite book leaving holes and bite marks or your precious books, leaving them beyond repair!

3. Conveniently manage and organise your books
With a storage unit, you will have the space to organise your books. Sort your books into different categories and place them into boxes and label the box by indicating its genre or type. That way, you’ll know which book is in which box. You could also place bookshelves in your unit and arrange them alphabetically or according to series!

4. Easily access your books anytime
Make your storage unit your very own personal library! With our strategically located storage facilities situated near public amenities across Hong Kong you can conveniently access your books whenever you want. With access control you have the freedom to conveniently access your storage unit without the hassles of making appointments. Return, switch and pick up your books, it’s your very own mini library!

5. Safe, Secure and Insured
Here at Cube, we understand book collections are of tremendous value to its owners. That’s why rest assured, when you store with us at Cube your books are well secured with 24 hours CCTV monitoring and strict access control. Plus, at Cube your books will be insured!


With so many reasons to start your very own personal mini library today, what are you waiting for?

Contact our storage specialists now!