Keep your clothes safe from mould and malodour with these 5 tips!

Whether you are the type who loves buying new clothes or the type who wants to ensure your clothes last longer, this article is for you! Here, we share with you 5 amazing tips to ensure your clothes are safely protected against malodour and mould. Don’t let these two pesky bothers ruin your perfect outfit and ensure your clothes last longer for many years to come!

1. Keep them dry
Always use the dryer or air dry your clothes after every wash. Wet clothes will only attract mould and malodour and it can spread like wildfire to all your other clothes!

2. Vacuum Pack it
Winter clothes are big and bulky, taking up so much space and you only need to wear it at certain times of the year! Save space in your wardrobe by vacuum packing it. This will also prevent mould from growing on it.

3. Use a Dehumidifier
Another way to prevent mould from growing is to place a disposable dehumidifier and insect repellent at the bottom of your wardrobe. This will prevent moisture from accumulating and insects from laying eggs and nesting in the cupboard. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

4. Use Charcoal
Why not try a traditional method passed down from the ancestors? Place a piece of charcoal in your wardrobe to absorb malodour and naturally prevent mould and pests from coming near your clothes.

5. Use Cube Self Storage
You know what’s the best way to store your clothes? Our Climate Controlled Storage Units! We will manage the temperature to keep your clothes in pristine condition all year round, ensuring your treasured fashion investments are safe from mould, malodour and premature aging.

If you don’t need a whole storage unit, we have another great alternative for you – Cube Mini Storage! Just rent by the plastic boxes you need. Better yet, we will deliver and collect the boxes from your doorstep at your convenience!

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