Thinking of starting your own online store but would like some advice? Check out our tips to hack your way to greater success.

Pick the right platform for your online store
If you are selling to buyers from US or Europe, eBay may be your best bet. If not, you may want to consider Yahoo Auction for Hong Kong or even Taobao if you want to sell to China.

Register a domain name for your store
So you’ve thought of a great name for your store but did you check if you can get a web domain for it? Remember that you may have to promote your store from your own website and maybe even host your own store in the future. Registering for a domain now can save you from a lot of headache down the line.

Get your friends to spread the word
Now don’t go spamming your friends incessantly about your new online store (unless you don’t mind them unfriending you…) but a shout out to see if they can help spread the word might make a big difference if you have a large network of friends.

Stock smartly with flexible options
It can be hard to manage your stock at the best of times but for the early days of an online store where quick response and fast delivery is vital for your credibility, you would want to have some flexibility in your storage space. Using a self-storage company (like Cube!) would be an easy and simple way to store your stock and allow you to upsize or downsize as you get a better idea of how much stock you need and for when you need more space temporarily for seasonal items.

Ensure expedient order fulfillment
As your customers may order online from you at all sorts of hours, being able to sort out and ready their orders for courier pickup at your convenience can help make sure that their orders are not delayed. If this is your side business and you have a full time job, access to your storage out of normal business hours is a must!

Hope you found something useful in these tips. Good Luck from all of us here at Cube!