It’s time to head back to school and adjust to school life amidst the new normal.

The long holidays are almost over! With the new school term starting, it can be hard to adjust back to the busy and fast pace life of the school year. Often, students experience a mix of emotions when it comes to going back to school. Easing back after the holidays can range from feeling excited to meet up with friends to anxiety of having to sit for examinations.

So, getting butterflies about going back to school is quite common, really!

Start off the new school year or semester right with these five tips.

Tip #1 – Do some quick revisions
After the long vacation, have you completely forgotten the stuff you studied in the previous syllabus? Before starting the new school term, revise key points of what you’ve learnt previously and have a quick read through of what’s in store for you this new school term! Recapping will help to lay a solid foundation and understanding when progressing into harder levels helping students to cope with and master new knowledge easily.

Tip #2 – Set up a back to school routine
Have you been waking up at noon, lately? Now’s the time to set that alarm clock and start waking up at the crack of dawn. Developing a routine is a great first step towards resuming a healthy student life. Greet the new semester with a burst of positive energy!

Tip #3 – Stay safe and follow SOPs set by schools
Follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) set in place at schools to combat Covid-19. Keep yourself and other students safe by wearing face masks and frequently wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitisers to curb the spread of germs. It is also advisable to reduce social gatherings, group discussions and to stay in to keep safe during this period.

Tip #4 – Organise your school books
Are the school books from last year, still scattered across your room? The best way to get ready for a new school term is to get organised! Though, you may not need the books and old notes from last semester at the moment, you may need to refer to them in the future! Keeping old textbooks can take up precious space away needed for your new batch of school books. Make space by sorting them out into categories and store the old books in storage boxes. That way you’ll be able to access the books conveniently when the need arises.

Tip #5 – Prepare your study desk
To give full concentration to your studies, you will need a cosy and conducive study environment. Clear the clutter off the desk and make a comfortable space in your room where you can fully focus and immerse yourself in studying.

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