Store Your Fragile Items the Right Way

Are you planning to store breakable items and put them into safekeeping till you need them next? Objects made of glass, ceramic and mirrors can break easily and require delicate handling and preparation to store them with care.

Here, are 5 steps to prep your items for storage!

Step 1: Invest in high quality moving boxes and packing materials
Yes, quality boxes will shield your fragile items from the outside dirt and grime but what’s even better is our Cube double corrugated boxes! Our boxes will give your precious boxes and added layer of protection. Get them here with all the other accompanying packing materials you’ll need online here: CUBE BOX SHOP We are giving a special 15% discount, CLAIM NOW!

Step 2: Wrap each item individually and fill up the empty space
Use bubble wrap to wrap each item. Secure the bubble wrap into place with tape. After placing the wrapped items into the boxes, fill the empty space with newspaper or more bubble wrap. This is to prevent the items from moving and knocking into each other inside the box.

Step 3: Use plenty of packing tape!
With everything packed snugly inside the box. It’s time for sealing! Seal every opening with packing tape to prevent the items from falling out of the box.

Step 4: Clearly label all boxes, marking them ‘fragile’
On each side, write the word “FRAGILE” to indicate the box contains easily breakable items. That way, anyone handling the box will be informed without having to re-open the box to see what’s inside the box.

Step 5: Rent a Cube Self Storage unit or use Cube Mini Storage!
Do you need a space to store all your packed boxes? Our Cube Climate Storage is perfect to store all your precious chinaware. Store safe with us knowing they are well protected from heat, cold, dust, mould or humidity. You can choose from a wide range of storage unit sizes to fit or if it just a few boxes, our Cube Mini Storage is the one for you! Simply rent by the plastic boxes you need and we will deliver and collect the boxes from your doorstep at your convenience!

Contact our friendly Cube Self Storage experts today!