Celebrities, whether they be actors, musicians, sports stars, authors etc, are always idolised by their fanbase. Are you a fan, who is your favourite celebrity.

Take a look at the 6 most wanted gifts that fans crave! Here are the things to consider if you’re thinking of giving a gift to a fan.

1. Album /DVD/ Photo album

Owning your idol’s masterpiece is the basic goal of every fan. No matter whether he/she is a celebrity or an anime, there will always be a variety of works for fans to treasure. For example, albums of group idols, anime DVDs, photo albums, books, posters, and even expensive limited editions.

2. Merchandise

In addition to their personal works, celebrities also launch creative merchandise products, such as T-shirts, bags, ornaments, stationery, jewellery, and other daily necessities. As loyal fans, they will always want to own all of them to show their support and affection.

3. Endorsement items

Celebrity endorsement can be a very effective strategy for marketing. Fans will buy products because of the endorsement of their idols. Having the same item makes them feel like they are with their idols!. The endorsement product can be a kind of food, skin care products, clothing, etc. It brings incomparable satisfaction and pride when they wear the endorsement products.

4. Photocards holder books/storage cabinets

In general, fans of Korean stars have a hobby of collecting photo cards. Therefore, having their own photo card holder books is always a dream for every K-pop fan!

Moreover, you can also gift storage cabinets for giving them the chance to put away their treasures. Storing their collections neatly will always make them happy.

5. Camera

Every star fan wants to record the best moments of their idols, so a good camera is very important. For star fans, having a good camera is making things easier especially during a concert or a fan meeting.

6. Self-storage

In order to collect more memorabilia, fans need more space but the lack of space is often the biggest problem. Therefore, more “space” is the best gift for the fans

Rent self-storage to let them store the excess items. So that they can decorate their home and be free to collect more collections. This will be the most intimate gift!

Self Storage

As one of the star fans, which items that you need the most? Are you a fan who is wondering how to make more room for your collection? Contact us now!

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