With the current state of inflation across the globe, it’s not an easy thing to start a family. One of the most important things is to create a smart family budget and reduce wasteful or unnecessary expenses. Many couples plan to have a second child, but this needs to be considered in many ways. While some couples plan to have second child years apart to avoid panic; some couples want to let their firstborns have a playmate and plan to have a second child soon.

Here are a few things that every parent must consider before planning for a second child.

1. The effects of having another child on the mother’s health

During pregnancy, the baby absorbs nutrients from the mother. With age and the physical changes that came with having your first child, the body will be weaker.  Before and during pregnancy, the mother must develop a balanced diet, do more exercise, keep her body and mind at ease, and do regular prenatal check-ups.

The baby may not arrive at the time you had planned, so neither parent should be overly insistent during pregnancy and just go with the flow.

2. Life is Busier

With your second child, life will be busier than it was with your first. There is a newborn to take care of and you should not neglect the first child because it will cause jealousy between siblings.

Therefore, during pregnancy, mom and dad should give some psychological construction to children, and help them mentally prepare for the arrival of younger siblings.

3. Confinement

The birth of the first baby often makes new parents unprepared, even the process of confinement is particularly uneasy. After the experience, the birth of the second child can be prepared in advance to ensure peace of mind during the 2 months of confinement.

 Choose a suitable confinement center in advance, prepare a delivery package, buy a variety of tonic medicine and supplement, arrange postpartum care courses, and be a pretty postpartum mother!

4. Take Care of the Kids

After having a second child, the joy of parenthood doubles, as well as the responsibility of parenthood. Therefore, it is important to discuss with your partner the distribution of child care before you plan to have a second child. For example, mom is responsible for feeding and changing diapers, while dad is responsible for bathing, playing, washing bottles, etc. With the division of work between husband and wife, the parenting process can be happy and smooth!

5. Prepare baby supplies

Before the birth of their first child, new parents are always busy preparing all kinds of baby items. With your second child, there are plenty of baby products that you can re-use and don’t need to spend money on. For example, baby stroller, car seat, baby bathtub, clothing shoes and socks, toys, and so on.

If you are determined to have a second child, then you can store these baby products in the Cube Self Storage and take them back when you need them. Our storage is equipped with 24/7 climate control to ensure safe storage of items, and does not affect your home space!

In addition to baby products, mom’s maternity clothes, parenting books, baby photos and more can take up space in your home. If you want to make more living space, you can give these items to us and let us keep them safely for you.

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