Studies have shown that pet ownership can help reduce loneliness and foster a sense of caring and responsibility. Many people love to keep pets in their apartments, but actually taking care of pets is not as easy as we think. Before we decide to keep a pet, we must consider their living conditions such as diet and hygiene, and even if the pet is suitable for living with us.

For apartment dwellers, if you’re thinking of getting a dog, here are some tips for you.

1. Dog training

Dogs have their own habits and can be hyperactive which can make the owner annoyed. If you want your pet to follow your instructions, you will need patience and time to train them.

For example, if your dog likes to poop after meals, you can take him to the toilet after meals. The daily routine will help them realize the correct place to poop and you can train them with some simple instructions such as “sit down”, “come on”, and “be quiet”. You must give him a treat after they complete your instruction.

2. Discourage barking

Is your apartment soundproof? If you often hear the voices from upstairs, downstairs, and next door, it means your neighbours can hear you as well. Therefore, you must control your dog’s barking so as not to annoy the neighbours. Train your dog not to bark too frequently and give him a treat when appropriate to calm him down.

3. Install a safety gate

When your dog is home alone, you must be aware of his range of motion, he may cause you trouble when you are not at home! Usually, apartments don’t have much space, and playful dogs can easily disrupt the whole house.

You can put a fence in your home to limit your dog’s access, for example, to the bathroom door or the corner of the living room. Make sure the dog can’t cause damage, but also make sure the dog is safe.

4. Schedule dog exercise time

Dogs usually have their own schedules, such as when their owners are home, when they are going to exercise, when they are ready to eat, etc. So, if you live in an apartment, you might need to set a time for your dog to exercise and go outside to the park. Otherwise, your dog may feel depressed.

5. Be organized

You have to keep the house clean and organized at all times so that you and your dog can live comfortably. A messy space can lead to bacteria, which can make your dog sick or cause skin problems.

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