It’s Autumn at last!

Autumn is the perfect season for traveling and exploring. The crisp weather and the beautiful scenery, make Hong Kong a great place to visit. Let us explore and enjoy the uniqueness of Autumn in Hong Kong.

Here are some must-do outdoor activities.

1. The red leaves

What do you think of Autumn? It must be maple leaf! In autumn, many people like to go outdoors to enjoy the beauty of the maple. Maple in Hong Kong is famous at Tai Lam Country Park in Yuen Long, Kent Road Garden in Kowloon Tong, Tsing Yi Park, and other places. Whether it’s a bike trip, a walk, a picnic, or a date, everything is romantic and relaxing.

2. Hiking

The breeze blowing during the Autumn is so suitable for hiking! While walking in the mountains, you can enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery and get close to nature whilst the exercise improves our health.

Recommended hiking places: Tai Lam Country Park, Dragon’s Back, Checkerboard Hills, Brick Hill, etc.

3. Barbeque party

When the weather is cool, many people like to make steamboats indoors or a BBQ party outdoors. If you don’t prefer outdoor exercise, an outdoor BBQ party with friends is a good alternative. Breezy weather with a warm barbeque party is a perfect match.

4. A picnic

Picnic is a MUST in Autumn! Sitting in the many parklands enjoying the delicious food. Picnics allow us to slow down our living tempo and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Recommended autumn picnic spots: Victoria Peak Garden, Inspiration Lake, Jordan Valley Park, Tai Mo Shan Country Park

5. Glamping

Glamping has taken off since the pandemic. Glamping is convenient since the luxurious camping equipment is provided and brings us closer to nature. You can leave the noisy city behind, enjoy your me-time and relax and refresh your mind! Let’s have a Glamping trip this fall!

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