A cycling enthusiast from Cube shares some tips about bicycle maintenance.

Get ready for the greatest cycling event in local history ever! The UCI Track Cycling World Cup will be held on 16 and 17 January 2016 at the Hong Kong Velodrome. There will be 250 top cyclists from 39 countries and regions participate in including our local star cyclist Lee Wai Sze.

Routine maintenance affects the performance of every cyclist. A cycling enthusiast from Cube shares some tips about bicycle maintenance:

  • Tires: Beware of the bicycle tire condition. Under-inflation makes your trip difficult to ride and your tire and wheel frame would be easily deformed; over-inflated tires can make your road bumpy and will increase the burden on the tube.
  • Antirust: Take care of important joints such as axles, flywheel, pedals, bicycle chains and brakes. Regular lubrication helps protect your bicycle from corrosion. Flywheel should be applied with thin oil. Also, it is recommended to clean your bike with kerosene once a year.
  • Chains: Gently wipe your bike chains with a rag or cloth after ride. Recent rust can be easily removed with Kitchen Cleaner. It is better to use Kerosene to wipe the corroded areas again since it can restore the luster of your bike.
  • Balance: Keep it balanced and ensure that the load is consistent or it will become deformed. Store your bicycles with proper stands.

Here are 3 popular bike racks recommendations to fit different needs:

  • Vertical Storage Rack – Wooden and plastic options to save more space;
  • Repair stand – Can be flexibly placed in different places and occasions, also be used as maintenance platform;
  • Auto pole – Vertical rack, usually supports a minimum of two bicycles.

When comparing with other mini-storage services, Cube Self Storage units give you more freedom to place auto poles inside. With 24-hour temperature and humidity control systems, you don’t have to worry about oxidation damages to your beloved bicycles. Our security system gives you 24 hours access to your storage unit with your personal smart card

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