There are several reasons for office relocation, for example, lease expiration, company size, and location flow. Company relocation seems simple, but there are a lot of details that need to be considered.

Once a suitable location has been identified, the task of finding the right office space begins. The age of the building, rent fee, facilities, and layout of the office can be critical.

Cube Self Storage has put together a relocation checklist for you.

Before Relocation

1. Inspection and layout planning

Once the new office has been found, the first thing you should do is check the electricity, water, and Internet connections in your new office can meet your requirements. If the office layout and decoration need to be renovated, it is better to do it before moving in. It is to avoid disruption.

2. Organize and classify documents and furniture

During the relocation, sorting out the documents is the most vexing work. It is a good opportunity to separate documents for different departments and purposes and scrap useless documents and letters for recycling. In addition, we must also consider whether the existing furniture will fit the new office. If the new location can’t accommodate all the furniture, then you have to decide whether to store them, sell them second-hand or scrap them?

3. Inform your customers

The biggest fear during company relocation is the losing contact with existing customers. Notifying customers in advance by email or verbally, and making offers to existing customers during this period, is a good way to build good relationships with existing customers and keep them loyal.

4. Find a good relocation company

Relocation needs a moving company, and choosing a good moving partner can help to save half the effort! Choosing a professional relocation company with accountability, punctuality, and know-how to protect furniture allied with a good pricing system, are all factors that must be taken into consideration.

5. Contact Cube Self Storage

Cube provides flexible and affordable storage solutions during your relocation or renovations period. If you need transport services or packing materials, we can also arrange and provide them for you. Cube Self Storage is equipped with 24/7 climate control and CCTV to ensure the safe storage of your company’s assets.

After Relocation

1. Change of contact address

 Adapting to the new office and location can be overwhelming! However, changing your contact address is the first thing you must deal with. Whether it’s your website, social media, letterhead, or business cards, you have to change your address so that customers can find you easily.

2. IT settings

Your IT setup can be critical to getting your company back up and running, ensure that WiFi, printers, company servers, computer systems, etc. are secure and working properly to protect company confidentiality and allows employees to work in a better environment.

3. Adapt to a new environment

Try to adapt to the new environment around the office, such as your new neighbours, nearby restaurants, and public transportation stations. People who adapt to the new environment early will be able to work faster, which will help to maintain a good productivity

4. Store the extra stuff

Many companies will find that they do not have enough space for files and furniture after moving. What should they do? Contact Cube Self Storage! Our friendly staff will provide the most suitable storage solutions according to your items, storage period, location, etc.

Having more space to work in will not only make your office look neat and clean, but it will also reduce the stress caused by space pressure.

Contact us for the latest offers and storage details.