Easy tips to declutter and bring balance and organisation to the office!

Are you looking to improve productivity and team happiness at work? Did you know…with just a few simple changes and practices at your workplace, you could be on your way to elevate work quality and boost efficiency!

1. Digitise Your Documents
A common factor which often contributes to workplace distraction is clutter. Lessen office clutter by reducing actual paper documents on and around your desk by scanning and backing them up on to your computer, server or cloud storage.

2. Practice Green Printing in the Office
Do your part for the environment and select an eco-friendly printer and recyclable printer ink cartridge whenever possible through refilling at authorised ink stores. Choose greyscale printing and reduce paper waste by setting two-sided printings for any documents. Not only would you reduce waste but you can make yourself feel better for when you do need to print.

3. Remove Items That Don’t Belong
Take a look around the office. Are there items that aren’t in use? Those items are just taking up space which could be freed up! Too much furniture could feel oppressive and make it hard to concentrate. Move underutilised furniture into the storage to keep things clean and tidy. Should you find the office too bare, a few strategically placed plants or paintings could also help, if chosen properly.

4. Invest in Storage options
It’s not easy to make space at the office especially if you are already working with minimum space to keep the overheads low. With our Cube Business Self Storage Units, you’ll be able to store all your extra furniture, office documents, stocks and more and retrieve them whenever needed at very reasonable prices. It is storage made easy!

Find out more about our Cube Business Storage or contact our storage specialists today to find out more about our convenient and secure storage solutions. We would be delighted to help you.