Get that dream wardrobe you’ve always wanted!

Overflowing wardrobe stuffed full to the brim with shirts, pants, dresses and belts? Are you looking for ways to get more space for a new wardrobe at home but it just won’t fit? Why not clear out some space and store some of your other home furnishings which you don’t use as regularly in a Cube Self Storage unit, and get that space you need to fit that wardrobe you’ve been eyeing!

Or…why not consider another great alternative? Build your very own walk-in closet with a Cube Self Storage Unit! Now, you can have the wardrobe for all seasons even without the space for one at home. Find all the clothes you’ve invested all in one place, no more rummaging through the boxes!

How is this even possible, you ask?

With just 3 simple steps!

1. First, sign up for a self storage unit
The simplest and fastest way of acquiring more space is by getting a self storage unit! At Cube Self Storage we offer a variety of storage unit sizes to fit all your needs. That means, you only pay for the space you need. Speak to us, we’ll gauge the best size unit for you!

2. Second, buy some clothes racks
Now, that you’ve secured the space, it’s time to get organising! Make the space work for you by placing racks, hangers and shoe racks. Get shelving units to better organise your accessories such as handbags! That way, your range of handbags and shoes will be on full display when you open your storage unit door. How impressive!

3. Third, arrangement is key
Create a rough floor plan for your closet. Sketch a pencil outline of the unit and designate where you would like to place everything according to the seasons. That way you’ll be ready when each season comes. How convenient!

You know what’s even better? Our Climate Controlled Storage Units!

  • We will manage the temperature to keep your clothes in pristine condition all year round, ensuring your treasured fashion investments are safe from mould and peeling.What are you waiting for?

Get your dream walk in closet today!

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