Buy Small, Live Big - 4 Tips on How Your Home Can be More Spacious

Buy Small, Live Big - 4 Tips on How Your Home Can be More Spacious

Dream-size home? Coming right up!

Everybody likes to have their space, be it to enjoy a little “me time” or to share with friends and family. However, the trend with recent property development has the average apartment size going smaller and smaller with some “apartment” being launched at in the sub-200 square feet range. While you may not have a home in your dream size but that doesn't mean your dreams have to be smaller. Here's 5 sure-fire ways of getting more out of your home:

1. Get your priorities in order.
Rather than think of this as a downsizing exercise, use it to streamline your life. Many professional organisers may tell you to throw out all the things that you don’t need in the present to free up space but they are only partially right. Throw out your old clothes and books? CDs and DVDs? Some choices may be easy but if it has sentimental value or quite possibly significant intrinsic value after some time? First edition books are often worth quite a bit if you have the right titles in good condition. So do we throw them or not? Why not just move them out of the house and store them so you can have the cake and eat it too!

2. Be creative with where you store your stuff.
Once you know what you want to keep in the house, it's time to be smart with where you store your belongings. Good ideas include installing wall-mounted storage racks for all sorts of things, including high heel shoes as one of our copywriter can testify.
Perimeter shelving is another great space-saver; this mounts along your walls and utilises the several feet of unused real-estate just under your ceiling. You can store just about everything from books to bookshelf speakers.
With a series of ropes and pulleys, you can literally fill everything up to the ceiling. You could, for example, store your pots and pans in a rack under the ceiling accessible just by raising or lowering a rope. As a fringe benefit, it also keeps the critters away from your utensils! Pesky house guests? Just string them up too!

3. Buy furniture that have more than one function.
There's a multitude of designer furniture today that not only take advantage of eco-friendly, recyclable materials but are also designed to take up as little space as possible while making the most of the limited space; beds that folds away into the wall that also doubles-up as your work space, sofa that transforms into a bed, or even a headboard with a built-in slide-out storage. Not only will you save space but all your friends will no doubt be impressed with your trendy choice of furniture.

4. Rent a self storage facility.
Still feeling your space a bit encroached after keeping all your “present day” items at home? A lot of it may not be what you need to use today, this week or even this month. Easy examples are your seasonal clothing and travel luggage, etc. Why not just put them into a self storage unit where they can be kept in good condition until you need them. Of course, if you have already sorted out the music and book collection that you want to store for the future from point 1 above, they just fit right in here.

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