Care Tips to keep your Camera Lens in Tip Top Shape!

Care Tips to keep your Camera Lens in Tip Top Shape!

How to protect your lens from its worst enemy

Photography equipment can be both expensive and precious. Simply mention photography gear and what comes to mind are the countless interchangeable lenses associated with the art of capturing light to get that perfect professional shot. Although, the image sensor performance has improved tremendously over the years, good quality lenses still prevail – with many professional photographers choosing to stick to older models rather than upgrading to keep full use of the lens collection they’ve invested in.
Lenses are indeed expensive but with proper care it can last a lifetime. But don’t let fungus get to it! There’s nothing as exasperating as discovering your favourite lens you invested on has developed a bad growth of fungus on the internal elements.

Causes and symptoms.
What causes fungus to grow? One word, humidity. In spring time or early summer, when rainy weather is quite frequent and more moisture is in the air you are more likely to find fungus on your lens. This is because the moisture trapped inside or on the surface of the camera combined with warmth creates a haven for fungus to grow. As it grows, the fungus starts to resembles small spider web patterns on the interior surface of the lens sometimes resulting in soft, blurry or out-of-focus shots. Attempting to clean the fungus out of the lenses can be quite daunting. On the brighter side, it does give your photos a natural rustic feel without having to use any filters!

Prevention and cure.
Hey, prevention is always better than cure, right?

  • Keep your camera dry

The best way is to avoid moisture from penetrating into the camera.  This can be quite a challenge if you’re living in Hong Kong where humidity is common in the summertime. Moisture from the rainy outdoors combined with the warmth indoors will lead to condensation contributing to trapped moisture in the camera. If this happens, wipe the camera with a microfibre cloth. Then, open the camera's compartments and seal it in a zipped plastic bag with a silica gel pack. Most importantly, store your camera in a dry, cool location when not in use. Try to avoid keeping it in dark areas as fungus thrive in the dark.

  • Avoid Blowing on the Lens

We all have done this, one time or another. Seeing that speck of dust on the lens and automatically blowing at it with our mouths to remove the dust. However, this isn’t such a good idea as the moisture in your breath could cause fungus to grow on the lens! Instead, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the lenses clean.

  • Removing Lens Fungus

Notice fungus already growing on your lens? Act quickly before the fungi secrete acid eats away at your lens’ protective coating and ruin the lens. Wiping the lens clean with a simple vinegar and water solution will do the trick.
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Treat your photography equipment with the love it deserves and in return, you’ll receive everlasting pictures that’ll last a memory of lifetimes to come!

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