Do you want to leave a sweet memory of Christmas in 2015? We are here to deliver CUBE’s recommendations!

When glamorous Christmas decorations light out the city, the whole city is full with festive joys in December. Do you want to leave a sweet memory of Christmas in 2015? We are here to deliver CUBE’s recommendations!

To begin, we are going to show you the “Happily Ever After” Christmas Street presented by Harbour City and Disneyland. There is a 40’ high Golden Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree at the TST Ferry Pier and numerous cute characters along the street, such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Mickey, Goofy and Donald, and Disney new members, Joy and Sadness! You may find this street is so familiar that you feel like you are visiting the Disneyland!

A 10-meter Christmas tree in the centre of the New Town Plaza in Shatin might seem like nothing special to you but it is actually part of an environmental protection promotion. The organiser will recycle all the glass accessories of the tree to make them Lunar New Year gifts. There are also 4 famous glass artists there, ready to show you the art of up-cycling glass into art pieces.

Not impressed with Christmas trees? You can go to K11 in TST to see how they decorate their mall in a different way. There is a 3.5m diameter artificial LED Moon in the centre of the lobby, sparkling only 5 minutes for every half an hour. It saves energy and promotes the importance of environmentally friendly LED lighting products.

Festive decorations can spread joyful mood and delight us. However, if we can decrease festive wastage, reuse materials or choose environment-friendly products, it can make our festival more beautiful.

Reusing your Christmas decorations is one of the best ways to limit waste over the festive season. However, you may feel constrained by the amount of space you can use to store these decorations. By using self storage companies (such as Cube!), you can decorate to your heart’s content, not feel guilty about throwing anything away and be sure that everything is stored safely and ready to use again without eating up your living and storage space at home.

Here at Cube we provide 12-200 square feet storage with humidity control around the clock. You can freely access your storage with a smartcard in hand. If you need, you can also order different packing materials from our Box Shop.

Are you going to have a Green Christmas? Please Call 29142200 or Contact us to see how we can help.