Every year, Christmas Decorations in major Hong Kong shopping areas are all everyone can talk about. Shopping malls do their best to create the perfect “Instagrammable” spot to draw in the crowd. 

We expected this year’s lights and glamor to be lackluster due to COVID, but it looks like no one is slowing down! Here are some of the best Christmas decorations to visit with your family and friends in 2020. Don’t miss out!

Harbour City

When it comes to Christmas decorations, Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui always puts on a great show! Harbour City has the most eye-catching view, such as the colorful LED lighting garden and 180° sea view for you to enjoy. No matter which angle or which direction you face when taking shots, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with a memorable picture.

In addition to the outdoor lighting, the big bear next to the entrance of Ocean Terminal Deck is an exciting place for quick selfies. Upon entering the Ocean Terminal Deck, you will see the wonderful European designs and decorations on both sides of the stairs. Christmas carols and animation played on the LED screen helps you get immersed in the Christmas spirit.


Chubbi Chunk is coming! iSQUARE International Plaza has collaborated with Hong Kong’s famous toy designer Jim Dreams, to create Chubbi Chunk’s first Christmas decoration in Hong Kong. 

Chubbi Chunk, who plays Santa, snowman, and moose, has been placed on different floors, including the mall’s basement, the lobby floor, and the third floor. Come and meet Chubbi Chunk at ISQUARE now!

Olympian City 

Olympian’s Christmas theme is centered on the universe and our solar system, letting you spend your Christmas in “outer space”. Unlike typical Christmas decorations, there is no Santa Claus, nor colorful twinkling lights. Instead, there are planets, aliens, alien spacecraft, and areas for children to explore the mysteries of the universe.

ELEMENTS Christmas Decorations

A white Christmas is not a dream! ELEMENTS takes you into a romantic white Christmas village, straight from the pages of a fairy tale!

There is a 7-meter-tall giant Christmas tree, a 3.5-meter-tall clock tower, various cute Christmas houses and railway stations, and the lively Santa Claus. 

The most exciting part is the “snowfall’ music show every half an hour on weekends. The lights flash with the music, and the snowflakes let you experience the joy of falling snow. 

Ma On Shan Plaza

Cute little Gudetama, with his lovely expressions, bring joy and happiness to everyone. This year, the Christmas theme at Ma On Shan Plaza features a 3.5m high Gudetama, a mini Gudetama lying in an egg carton, and a Gudetama-filled photo background. 

If you need a quick Gudetama fix, you’ll definitely find it here.

NINA Mall Christmas Decorations

Fans of LINE FRIENDS must not miss the “BROWN & FRIENDS Starlight Tunnel” in NINA Mall, Tsuen Wan. You’ll see the 7.5-meter supergiant ‘BROWN & FRIENDS Starlight Music Box,’ as well as the lovely BROWN and Cony at the entrance to NINA Mall. The adorable LINE characters are all over the place.

Inside the shopping mall, you can also find various photo spots, such as the romantic neon light check-in wall’. With the 3.5m tall lovely BROWN model as your company, you’ll definitely have a ‘STARRY MOMENT’! 

Also, there are different LINE products for you to buy as Christmas gifts for yourself or others.

Which is your favorite Christmas decoration among these Christmas themes? Charming, dreamy, romantic, or sci-fi fun?

Take advantage of the holiday season to check-in and have fun with your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, or bestie at these interesting Christmas decoration spots all over Hong Kong. 

Here’s a friendly reminder: If you participate in outdoor activities, make sure that you follow epidemic prevention measures and pay attention to your own safety and health. Enjoy your Christmas!