Do you feel that your home furniture causes the home space to be cramped? That’s because you picked the wrong furniture. To make home more free space, we should try our best to save and make good use of space. One of the ways is choosing the right furniture. Take a few minutes to consider the following 5 questions before buying any furniture, you will know whether this furniture is right for your small home!

1. Is it foldable and disassembled?

It is better if you can fold or disassemble the furniture when it is not needed, it can help you save home space. For example: foldable dining tables, bed frames, cabinets, etc.

2. Do you need it every day?

Even though we are easily drawn to beautiful furniture or furnishings, we eventually find that they are not useful. Before purchasing the furniture, determine whether you truly need it every day to avoid making this error. If the response is “no,” you ought to reconsider.

3. Where is it placed?

You also need to think about where the furniture will be positioned. Does the furniture still fit in your available space? Whether the furniture’s size fits the design of your living area. Additionally, you can choose movable furniture, like roller storage cabinets, if the furniture won’t fit in one place. This will allow you to move the furniture around conveniently and save up space.

4. Is this multi-purpose?

Nowadays, a lot of furniture is primarily multipurpose to fit into the contemporary small home design. For small spaces, multipurpose furniture not only saves space but also looks fashionable.

5. Any replacement item?

Changing the home furniture helps to make your home look new. However, more furniture will also cause the home to become narrow and difficult to walk.

Try to ask yourself, after buying new furniture, it can replace which old furniture? Replace one thing with another to ensure that your home will not become immovable because of new furniture.


Consider the following five questions before making any furniture purchases to make sure the pieces fit your needs and contribute to the creation of the ideal home. We also need to pay close attention to the issue of how to get rid of items that are out of season. Moreover, to prevent having too many things in a small space and the items that could mold and deteriorate inside the home, you can store your belongings at Cube Self Storage.

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