A lot of people like to establish a study room or reading corner in their home for working and reading, and also provide a study space for their children.

Do you know? The environment around your study desk or study room will affect your ability to concentrate. A comfortable workspace /study room can improve our efficiency, enhance memory, and even increase children’s interest in reading.

How to create a comfortable and effective work/study environment?

1. Private space

You should create a private space in your home which is away from mobile phones, television, and other sources of entertainment. Allow yourself peace of mind and be free from distractions, which will improve your ability to focus. Develop a good habit of self-discipline by giving yourself a private space at a fixed time every day to read, do homework, do revisions, and other things.

2. Good lighting

Dark places make us drowsy and listless, which can also affect our vision. Therefore, in a good reading environment or office environment, good lighting is a necessary condition. You can put your desk in the window, or put a table lamp on the desk to give you the spirit to finish the job/homework.

3. Quiet space

Listening to music makes people feel good, but it can distract us from concentration. Therefore, if you want to concentrate on your project or homework, you need to make the environment quiet to keep the mood calm and relaxed! Listen to music after finishing your work.

4. The Comfortable Chair

Study chairs must be comfortable. Choose an ergonomic chair with moderate height, comfortable cushions, and good support, so that you can sit upright, and keep your spirits up to complete the work.

5. Clean up the Desk

We should keep an optimistic and positive attitude to face the challenge of our work. However, when the desk is messy, our mood will also be affected.

Before starting work, clean up the desk and keep your desk clean and tidy. Make sure that the clutter does not interfere with your study/working process.

6. Scented essential oils

Different aromas of essential oils have different effects. For example, rosemary + lemon + frankincense can improve memory. Grapefruit + lemon + fir + mint + frankincense, help us to refresh our mind; Lavender + bergamot + clary + sandalwood is used to relieve tension. Try to use the help of smell to improve your concentration or reduce stress!

7. Stay Organised

The workspace or study room is not your storage room! Do not let sundries accumulate in the study room. It not only causes the study room to be dusty and messy but also makes us feel pressure!

Make space for your study room, move away unnecessary things, and improve airflow. When you work in a clean environment it will help your focus and reduce your stress.

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