Not sure what to gift him/her this Valentine’s Day? Here is our guide to the most creative Valentine’s Day gift.

It’s Valentine’s Day – the annual festival of romance. Everyone is ready to surprise their lovers with a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. This year, Cube presents to you our #1 creative gift idea – SPACE! I’m not talking about the space between you and your love. I’m talking about the space you need at home. Think about it, everyone needs space, you, your partner, even your parents. In Hong Kong, this is often a rare commodity for some people, so why not make it the present for your loved ones? Here is how space can express your love.

For Him

What every collector shouldn’t do without

Even if you do not share understand or follow his passion about his favourite toys and figures, you can still add something to his collection that will put a big smile on his face. Hiring a storage unit allows him to securely keep his collection while also giving him flexibility to expand his collection without taking up any more of his living space. He’ll love you for thoughtfulness!

Make sweet music together

If your partner is a music enthusiast with instruments or vinyl collection, the perfect gift really is self storage. The weather in Hong Kong is notoriously humid, which makes it very hard to keep music instruments or vinyl records at their best condition. Self storage’s round the clock climate control system keeps the humidity away from all the memorabilia of his (or yours!) favorite artists too. Self storage should be music to his ears.

For Her

Give her space to look fabulous

Not sure which item to get for your dear fashionista? Don’t worry about navigating a mine field of boutiques looking for an item that might please her. Go for the sure win by giving her more space for her wardrobe. Confucius one said, “One can never become a true fashionista without enough space for all the stylish items.” Take advantage of Cube Self Storage’s custom unit size to make sure that whatever the season, she always has enough space in her wardrobe at home. Storing off season items on storage allows her keep things more organised so she’ll never need to spend ages looking for that item that she just must wear. You’ll be in her good books for sure!

Gift Her with Her Sweetest Memory

While good memories will always live in your heart, you can’t beat that path down memory lane when you go through your old collection of photos or mementos. Even if your significant other does not have much of these things, it’s really romantic if you start keeping a collection of memories of your life together. There is always more space in self storage so you won’t have to worry about needing to throw out any of your cherished memories. The best part is you can access them 24/7 so you can relive these fond memories anytime.

For those you love, it’s always the thought that counts. Self storage may not be the most romantic gift but we hope we showed you how it can help you show you care. Become cupid and shoot us a message and we’ll prepare you the best Valentines gift. Cube wishes you and your love a very romantic Valentine’s Day!