Let’s learn how to hire the best storage unit!

When your home has run out of storage space, have you ever thought about renting a self-storage unit? Yes, a self-storage unit can help you to store your unnecessary items and free up some space in your home. But how would you choose a suitable storage facility for your needs, price range, location or scale? Maybe you don’t have any idea about self-storage. Let’s take a look at our hiring self-storage tips and consider what kind of storage facility is suitable for you.

You don’t always need them close by.
Price is always the first priority when people are choosing their storage unit. Storage facility prices are just like the housing market; if you want your storage unit located in downtown then you have to pay more for the rent. Yet there is something slightly different to the housing market which is the fact that you will go to a storage unit much less often than your house. So why don’t you choose a distant storage facility and enjoy the cheaper rental fee? We highly recommend that items such as seasonal clothes and furniture are stored for the long term since they are not used too often. In addition, Cube offers special discounts for long term rental to thank loyalty for using our services, so don’t forget to check the latest offers on our website!

Transport will get you there!
As mentioned before, a distant storage facility with cheap rent is the best choice for large items. However, have you ever thought about how the transport availability could also benefit you? Hong Kong is small enough that you do not need to take a long journey to other areas. Therefore if the storage facility is readily accessible by public transport or has convenient parking, it could be a better option for you when choosing a self-storage facility. On the other hand, public safety is recently a topic in society, and we do care about safety. At Cube, 24/7 CCTV is always in use and you can store your items in our storage facilities without worry. In addition, our storage safety has been reinforced and our staff are well-trained to deal with any sudden incidents. Furthermore, if you do not have any idea of which size unit you want, you can use our size calculator to estimate the size of unit you need without having to do any calculations yourself.

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