3 storage home renovation ideas you must know!

Planning to renovate or remodel your home? This can be both an exciting yet stressful time. Exciting because you’ll get to do your house up just the way you like it but wait… where will you and your stuff go? Where can you keep your furniture and belongings safe and out of the way until the renovation is completed? And where would you stay?
Worry not, we’ve got your back! Minimise the inconvenience of home renovations with these three great tips!

1.Renovate one room at a time
Yes, this method lets you live in during the renovations! Saving you money and time on looking for a place to stay or move your belongings to during the renovations. Just move the furniture out from the room that you’ll be renovating first and vice versa! Mind you, it’s not easy living in during the renovations… you don’t want to be pulling your hair out while waiting for the dust to settle.

2.Store with family or friends
Need more room? Perhaps you know a friend or family member who has the space you need. We are sure, they’d be more than happy to lend a hand during your renovations but, remember to let them know how long it’ll take and pick up your items on time. On the other hand, staying with them may be easier than getting your stuff through their doors. So, assess your options and plan it well.

3.Cube it with us at Cube Self Storage!
Don’t know anyone who can lend you the space? That’s ok, here at Cube we can provide you with all the space you need. Don’t stress on the renovation timeframe with our affordable, hassle-free and flexible storage plans. (Hey, we understand renovations can be unpredictable!) So, store your furniture with us for however long you need! It’ll be easier to look for a place to stay without having to bring along bulky items with you. Just take the essentials with you and we’ll keep the rest of your belongings safe with us. Cube has stringent rules against people and pets living in the storage facility so, a hotel or moving in temporarily with your friends or family are still going to be the best bet!

With our Cube Self Storage facilities strategically situated across Hong Kong in Kowloon CityAberdeen and Kennedy Town, you can easily access all your items before, during and after the renovations. Too busy with home renovations? That’s ok, we can arrange for your items to be delivered to and from your storage unit!

With so many great storage options to use when remodelling your home, what are you waiting for? Get that dream home you’ve always dreamt of with a little help from Cube Self Storage!