A clean and tidy home makes us feel comfortable and reduces the risk of infection, especially for children with sensitive skin, cough, bronchitis, and other diseases.

It is important to let children develop good cleanliness habits. It not only helps to share the housework but also a good way to instill a sense of responsibility.

How can parents make children have good cleaning habits? Here are some ideas!

1. Lead by example

Home rules and environment will determine how children grow up. If we want our children to learn the good habit of cleaning, parents need to set an example. Mom and dad are the children’s mirrors, and they copy their every move, affecting their thinking and habits.

2. Develop habits from a young age

Let the children feel involved when the parent is doing the cleaning. Educate them to clean the bookcases and coffee counters and items that they can reach within their height. Indoctrinate them with the importance of cleaning, and educate them on the proper use of the different cleaning materials.

3. Plan a cleaning schedule

Habits don’t happen overnight, so if you want to create good habits in your children that will last, set a monthly or weekly cleaning schedule. Takes turns cleaning the house and it is an integral part of the child’s life. It has the benefit of cultivating children’s spirit of responsibility and cooperation with others.

4. Give rewards

Many parents implement a “reward and punishment policy” in their families so that children learn to distinguish between right and wrong. In terms of cleaning, parents can encourage their children to clean frequently by rewarding them. If a child does not clean because of laziness, make him aware of the consequences of untidiness.

5. Self-storage

Renting a storage space is also a good way to teach kids proper storage skills. Keep your home clean and tidy by storing items you don’t need in self-storage to prevent mites or mildew. It not only can prevent or change children’s disorderly and untidy habits, but also let children can grow up happily in a clean and hygienic environment.

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Now, it is time to say goodbye to the messy home and welcome the free and spacious home!