Using self storage to put away things you don’t need

Summer is here and while you may be ready to enjoy it to the full, you may also find that you are wondering where to put all the stuff from your dormitory or how to clear up your room to have more space to relax. Thus a reliable and useful self-storage facility is what you need!

Academic texts & keepsakes

Let’s be honest, you are not really going to use most of the stuff from the school year and not having them in your way (or even in your sight) could be a great way to improve your summer vibes. Therefore, a half locker type storage unit is your most cost effective savior. It has enough space for most student storage needs and can also store other items like winter clothes.

All the other fun stuff

With (hopefully) wonderful summer weather expected, you may well be planning lots of exciting outdoor activities. Whether you prefer playing ball games or cycling, we have enough space for your equipment. Your bike and its stand can store in a big-size locker, or your boots and jerseys in a mid-size locker. On the other hand, if you prefer to go to the few popular exhibitions over summer for toys and books, a good place to keep your collection, both old and new, can make a big difference to how well they can be kept for your enjoyment.

Important to note: Storage space is not the only concern for you but the condition of the space as well. Our climate control system keeps your toys and books away from the hot and damp weather to give you a good storage environment. Our 24/7 CCTV system will ensure that your stuff is always securely kept.

Students deserve to enjoy their summer. As such, we offer extra discount for full-time Hong Kong students to rent our self-storage facilities, both short and long term are available. Cube Self Storage offers a wide range of different sized units for different needs, contact us on 2914 2200 for assistance or visit our website to learn more.