According to the 2021 Hong Kong Population Statistics, the proportion of single people in high-income groups is higher, and the proportion of bachelorettes is higher than that of bachelors. In recent years, the trend of single people living alone and the rising property prices in Hong Kong have led most people to own or rent a small unit.

Since they pursue a simple life, let’s take a look at what are the “must-haves” of the modern single person.

1. Multicooker

People who live alone tend to look for easy cooking solutions. Therefore, a multicooker is their “best friend”. Multicooker with functions of braising, steaming, cooking, stewing, and frying is much more time-saving and convenient. Today, some multicookers even come with pre-set functions that automatically turn on and off at a specified time. It is a must-have home appliance for people who are not good at cooking or who live alone and are busy at work.

2. Bed Table

Simple furniture is good enough for a small unit to build a greater sense of space. If you like to stay in bed the whole day, then a bed table will help. It can be used as a study table, laptop table, or even dining table. It is easy to move and can be folded when not in use.

3. Motion Sensor Light

For a single person, installing a Motion Sensor Light system at your home is both practical and energy-saving. It turns on when you get home and create peaceful warm vibes in the house. Besides, it also helps keep you safe. In case someone breaks into the house, the sensor light will turn on, and it alerts people to the danger.

4. Foods Storage Bags

Single people who live alone often waste food. Vegetables and fruits that can’t be finished are often thrown out with the trash.

Get some food storage bags to avoid waste. Wrap fresh food with papers, then put it into a storage bag and zip. Lastly, put it into the refrigerator and it may keep fresh for a few more days.

5. Home CCTV

If you live alone, it is important to install CCTV in your home. Link the security system to your mobile phone.  You can check the situation of your house anytime, everywhere, and you can call for help in case of emergency.

6. Cube Self Storage

No matter whether you are single or not, the pursuit of ideal life is our forever goal! To achieve our goals, instead of having a financial foundation, we should also have a comfortable living environment. To create the ideal home, you need a storage unit.

Release the home space, so that we can live freely! Our friendly staff will tailor a storage solution for you based on your items, budget, location, etc. Our storage is equipped with 24/7 climate control, a door card access system, and CCTV to provide an excellent storage environment.

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