Respect and care for our elders is the responsibility of everybody and society. Usually, geriatric diseases such as muscle weakness, and poor eyesight may lead to falls and cause bone fractures, bruising, and even death.

To ensure the safety of our elders, here are some tips and tricks to protect them in their homes. It might protect the elderly from falls and call for help immediately.

1. Good Lighting

Lighting in elders’ homes is very important to overcome the problem of poor eyesight. Make sure that they are able to easily move around areas such as beds, toilet passages, etc. The lighting system must also be installed at a height accessible to the elderly. In addition, there should be no light-blocking objects under the light, such as cabinets, furniture or any sundries.

2. Install a Telephone

Install a telephone with Call-On-Care service beside their bed, this is especially helpful for the bedridden or those who have difficulty moving. It allows them to call their family or to ask for help in an emergency when they feel unwell or unable to get out of bed.

3. Obstacle

Keep the floor clean and dry to prevent falls or slips. There should not be any obstacle to the elderly’s normal path. Be careful to ensure that electrical wiring, furniture, small toys or any water or grease stains on the floors do not block walkways.

4. Floor Material

As for the fall prevention floor materials, the bedroom of the elderly can use a wooden floor, or non-slip cushioned, in order to prevent collision and slipping. If you have a carpet in your home, it is recommended to use double-sided adhesive tape to make the carpet stick to the floor to prevent the carpet from sliding.

5. Install Rails/Handrails

To ensure the fall prevention and safety of the elderly, it is recommended to install railings or handrails in the home, especially at the bedside and in the bathroom, to reduce the risk of them losing their balance and falling.

6. Free up Home Space

Many elderlies have the habit of collecting old items, which takes up a lot of home space. Arrange and declutter the home and store their belongings. Then, install the safety equipment mentioned above to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the elderly.

It is our biggest pleasure to be able to create a safe and comfortable living environment for our families!

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