Every father has his role in the family. Some fathers are serious, while some are humorous and gentle. With the status of men and women is gradually equal, and “fatherhood” is gradually promoted by society. In the past, a father’s role was just to earn money and support the family. Now, fatherhood is more about building a good relationship with the children and sharing the burden of child care with his wife.

Fatherhood idea started in the West, it has also been adopted by Asian countries recently. Research shows that promoting fatherhood is good for children’s development and has significant benefits for their social skills, emotional development, overall self-worth, and feelings of being loved. Scholars have observed that fathers are not inferior to mothers in performing parental duties, and parental duties complement each other. Psychological experts point out that when children get along with their fathers, it is different from getting along with their mothers. Children who get along with their fathers are more stimulating, helping their children’s physical and social emotions so that children can learn to be independent and experience the benefits of contact with the environment.
As father’s Day is around the corner, let’s take a look at how fatherhood can be promoted in today’s society, and how we can embrace a new era of fatherhood.

How to get high-quality fatherhood?
In another sign of the importance of fatherhood, a US study has shown that children given higher fathering love from infancy are better in restraining their impulses as they grow up. However, what is a high-quality fatherhood? It needs to be more sensitive to the child’s mind, and have a good emotional connection with the child. In order to achieve high quality, it is necessary to give your child companionship and patience.

As fatherhood culture becomes more important, Asians are actively promoting the fatherhood campaign. The purpose is to provide more support to fathers, including lectures, training, and parent-child activities. There are organizations in Hong Kong, such as the “Fathering the Heart” and “Dad’s Network”, which promote and educate the important role of father in the family. They have even set up labs and research groups to collect professional research data to raise awareness about fatherhood.

The Government’s Policy
The government provides paternity leave for men to encourage them to devote time and effort to their wife and children. It is used to promote family harmony and improve the parent-child relationship. In the process, men are reminded of the importance of family care and fatherhood, thereby changing the traditional view that fathers only need to earn money to support the family.

The Mass Media
TV programs not only provide entertainment for audiences but allow us to acquire new information and knowledge. In recent years, family-themed reality shows are becoming more popular. For example, South Korea first set off a wave of “Dad! Where are We Going”, ” The Return of Superman ” and so on. With the relationship between father and their kids as the main concept, it shows the fun and importance of being a father.

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