Here’s how you can beat the heat and enjoy the sun.

Summer days always means summer fun and summer in Hong Kong is best described in one word, scorching! With the global pandemic many will be staying indoors, this summer. Here’s how you can embrace the new normal while chilling out at home without the beach and pool.

Enjoy your summer days indoor and keep well!

1. Hydration – The KEY to Surviving Summer
Yes, it’s hot and humid making you perspire more. Your body will become dehydrated quickly. Always keep your body cool and hydrated by drinking lots of water.

2. Cool down – Turn on the A/C!
This much-loved household appliance is a must have during summer days in Hong Kong. Instantly cool down the house by switching on the air conditioning. Air conditioners also filters, removes pollutants and mould from the air preventing damage to household furniture which are sensitive to the hot summer heat.

3. Stay Cool – Get a Tatami Mat
Not your conventional summer cooling method, but it works! Tatami mats are able to absorb and release moisture. When it gets very humid, the mat absorbs the humidity from the air, and releases it when the air is dry acting as a natural dehumidifier and a humidifier. In the hot summer heat, this woven straw mats will definitely make your home feel cool and comfortable.

4. Good Air Circulation – Open the Windows
Feeling hot and stuffy? It’s the humidity! Too much furniture in a room will trap heat and prevent good air flow. Open windows to let fresh air in and start decluttering. Remove unutilised furniture and move them into storage. You’ll feel the breeze flowing into your home again!

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What are you waiting for?

Make space at home for a cool and comfortable summer indoors.

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