Three years ago, Julien de Preaumont decided that authentic French pastry in Hong Kong needed a reboot. When he visited Hong Kong, Julien realized that he couldn’t find the kinds of French pastry he loved when he was in Paris.

A marketing executive at a tech company, Julien moved to France to pursue a new adventure in pastry making. As chance would have it, an encounter with Alexis, the former Executive Pastry Chef of the Jockey Club charted a new course for the pair.

Alexis had years of experience in various 3-star and 5-star hotels but yearned for a return to a simple, more generous form of pastry.

Julien de Preaumont Le Dessert

At first, the pair tested their concept with various events and popup stalls. Encouraged by overwhelming support and happy customers, they decided to open their first pastry bar & shop at City Super, Harbour City.

“Early on, I came to realize how much Hong Kong people loved desserts. Farewell, on birthdays, there is always an opportunity to share a cake. And there is advertising for cakes in the MTR, even in France, we don’t have that! But I also felt the cakes were all very similar and that I could bring a modern French touch to the market !” shared Julien.

French Pastry by Le Dessert

According to Julien, he created Le Dessert to bring ultra-fresh French pastry to Hong Kong. 

“Early on, we set ourselves to build a profitable & scalable business. Storage, especially for the packaging, is a key component of our model. Our main criteria were price effectiveness and flexibility. For both criteria, Cube was the best.” he added. 

French Pastry by Le Dessert

Julien decided to use our climate-controlled self-storage options to keep costs low. 

“We get an excellent price per sq ft in the Kowloon facility. Plus, the team there is very flexible & committed. Whether it’s to receive a delivery or to pick up some supply for the shops, they are open seven days a week and are always opening the door with a smile !”

Le Dessert

To discover more about French pastry by Le Dessert, visit their website or pay them a visit at Harbour City, 3/F, 3-27 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui