Make more room in your wardrobe.

Do you have a jam-packed closet that’s filled to the brim and each time you open it, you have to do the balancing act and put on a juggling show? Oh no!

Is this preventing you from finding anything you want quickly and efficiently? Here, we share with you some great tips to get your wardrobe organised!

1. Toss out clothes that don’t fit anymore
Don’t hang on to clothes that don’t fit! Holding on to clothes you’ve outgrown can be an inspiration to lose weight but keeping them in your wardrobe is only going to take space. So, sort through your items and choose what stays or goes. Store the apparels you want to keep for the future in boxes or donate them to the needy or you could even sell them online for a quick buck!

2. Make use of the floor and doors
Utilise the space behind the door! Hang a door closet organiser with pockets or a shelving unit and you’ll instantly have more space to store your belongings efficiently. Another great way is to stack mini organiser boxes on the floor to store shoes, bags and accessories. That way you’ll get more space to store your items!

3. Group similar items together
Save space by hanging long items together! Group your long clothing such as pants, long skirts, dresses and coats together on one side, and on the other group the shorter clothing such as shirts, blouses, and jackets. This will help to free up space under your shorter apparels for boxes or shoes.

4. Paint your Closet A Bright Colour
Yes! Spruce up your closet with bright, happy colours such as pink, light blue and yellow. These colours will add cheer and a touch of happiness to your wardrobe each time you open your wardrobe to grab something. Plus, it will instantly make your wardrobe feel bigger and inviting.

5. Maintain the Space you Have
Once it’s organised, keep it organised! Now, that you’ve got your closet space back, don’t let it be cluttered again. Get the added space you need in your closet with Cube Mini Storage. Our Cube Mini Storage is perfect for those needing just a little extra space and not a whole storage unit. Just rent by the plastic boxes you need. Better yet, we will deliver and collect the boxes from your doorstep at your convenience!

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