Go Green & Store Smart with Easycrates!

Go Green & Store Smart with Easycrates!

Find out why Easycrate is the smarter way to store that’s also friendly to the environment

Looking to store away your stuff? The first thing that you’ll probably think of getting may be cardboard boxes! While cardboard boxes have been the go to solution for many for generations when moving or storing, did you know that its production is the third largest use of industrial energy on the planet? Furthermore, a great percentage of cardboard boxes don’t reach the recycling centres after use and simply end up in landfills.
While the use of cardboard boxes may be unavoidable sometimes, it’s important to start thinking greener alternatives and make a difference!

  ✓ And the solution? Our Easycrates!

What are Easycrates?
Easycrates are reusable plastic crates perfect for moving or storing your items or both! Made from top quality durable plastic designed to last for years aimed at reducing deforestation and landfill waste.
So, what’s the difference and which should you go for - Easycrates OR Cardboard Boxes?

Easycrates of course, but why?

Easycrates are designed to be re-used over 100 times! While, cardboard boxes only can be used once or twice before it rips apart… Imagine, having to repack your stored items again. Oh, the hassle! Not forgetting the amount of cardboard to throw away. Avoid this, by storing with Easycrates!

2.Clean Green Easycrates
Not only are our Easycrates green, they are clean too! Yes, after our Easycrates are returned to us, we’ll inspect and sanitise each crate for our next customer! So no, yucky, grimy dirt or dust!

3.No rain, No pain!
With our weatherproof Easycrates, there’s no worries of your cardboard boxes disintegrating when it comes into contact with water. Plus, with tamper proof seals you’ll have complete privacy and security of your belongings

4.Your packaging Superhero!
Order your Easycrates online and we’ll have them delivered to your doorstep in no time! Plus, it’s ready to use. No assembly required! No more having to put and tape the cardboard boxes up before use. Save time – just pack and store with Easycrate!

5.Store and Stack them
Our Easycrates are equipped with interlocking lids to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and can be stacked neatly on top the other. While, flimsy cardboard boxes would lose its shape making stacking a nightmare! Save on space with Easycrates!

Need a space to store your Easycrates? We’ve got you covered. Store them at our Cube Self Storage facility near you! Cube Self Storage facilities are strategically located throughout Hong Kong in Kowloon City, Aberdeen and Kennedy Town, enabling you easy access to all your items at affordable rates. Too busy to pop on by? That’s ok, we can arrange for your items to be delivered to and from your storage unit.

Start ordering your Easycrates today!

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