So, what’s next after graduation?

After so many years of hard work and dedication, the day you’ve dreamt of is finally here, Graduation day! Now, is the time to turn the page but what lies ahead? A new job, pursue further studies or move back home for the time being while you job hunt? Now’s the time to make a decision for the future but also a decision for the past! With four years spent at University, that’s four years of accumulated belongings. Now’s the time to pack and get organise for your next BIG step in life.

So, what items should go or stay? Here are 3 tips to help you get sorted!

1. Sort your Items!
Sort and pack your items into 3 simple categories. Category A: Do you use it daily? Category B: Will you need it in the future? Category C: Will you ever use it again? By sorting your belongings into these 3 categories, you are well on your way in determining which items are essential for your daily lives and which items are just going to take up space in your room.

2. Decide your Next Move
With your items sorted out, it’s now time to decide where to next? Category A essentials should definitely come along with you to your next abode but what about Category B and Category C items? Why not, sell them off to the other students on campus who would love to have these items at a good price? You probably already have a rice cooker back home and wouldn’t need two of those! That quick cash, will definitely help with moving costs.

3. Too hard to part with?
They say lifelong memories and friendships are made at University, maybe it’s the trophy or medal you won taking part in extra-curricular activities, the trinket your University friend presented to you or the Graduation gifts you received on G-Day. We understand these little items can hold the dearest of memories to you and can be hard to part with!

No worries, here at Cube Self Storage, we provide you the perfect and flexible storage solution for all your storage needs. No matter how big or small! Our Cube Mini Storage Boxes are perfect for storing small items such as books, kitchen appliances and clothing but if you have bulkier items such as mattresses, desks and cupboards to store, we highly recommend our Cube Self Storage units. We offer both long term and temporary storage to fit your needs at different times.
What are you waiting for? Take a step towards the future and speak to our friendly Cube Self Storage experts today!