Four easy ways to prep your wooden furniture for storage!

Are you planning on moving, downsizing or renovating? Wood furniture requires delicate handling especially when it comes to storing as they are sensitive to the weather. Follow these steps to prevent your antique bedroom sets, vintage coffee table, wooden cabinets and more from scratches, cracks and moulds to safely store all your wooden furniture.

1. Clean and dust it before storing
Before storing; get it dusted, wiped and dry. Always use soft bristled brushes or feather dusters when dusting. When wiping, soft cotton cloths works wonders to absorb dust but also minimise scratches on the wood surface.

2. Wrap, Protect and Cover when Storing
Keep it covered! When stored, always remember to place a protective cover over your wood furniture. Use cloths or blankets to shield from light, moisture and dust. Avoid plastic wraps as it will create condensation inside the wrap causing the wood to swell.

3. Avoid Water at all Costs!
Water and wood don’t go together. When exposed to water, wood will chip and absorb moisture leaving your wooden furniture beyond repair! Don’t store them under vents, a leaky roof or near air-conditioning units.

4. The Best Storage Solution: Climate Controlled Storage
Did you know? The main cause of damage to wooden furniture is humidity. Prevent humidity damage to your wooden furniture with our Cube climate controlled storage units with 24/7 managed temperatures! We’ll store your wooden furniture safe away from pesky insects, dust, humidity, moulds and cracks (by sunrays!)

Well, what are you waiting for?

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