Happiness is a summer fresh and clean home.

Summer has arrived in Hong Kong bringing rain, sunshine and also the summer holidays. With the children on summer break, that means more helping hands to help with the chores around the house and get the summer cleaning done in a jiffy!
Here are 5 Tips to get the house spick and span this Summer.

1. Organise the fridge
It’s time to get the fridge organised! On busy days, it’s easy to put everything into containers and store them away in the fridge but how long has that steamed chicken leftovers been sitting in the fridge waiting for your attention? Time to take everything out of the fridge and give the fridge a big wipe down. Get your child involved by helping to check those expiration dates and get this task done in no time.

2. Sanitise the Bathroom
Yes, bathrooms!

The least favoured place to clean by many, but undeniably one of the most important places to keep clean. Get the children started on simple tasks like emptying the wastebaskets, tidying the soaps and cleaning the sink and only when they are older let them tackle the toilet. Be sure to get good cleaning supplies that are non-toxic and safe on the hands.

3. Clean the kitchen appliance
Time to get into the nitty -gritty of the kitchen and give it a thorough wipe down. The stove, oven toaster and microwave are your quick go-to appliances to whip up a quick meal for you and the family but they are also the easiest place to accumulate grime. Wipe them down and give it a good scrub to make it sparkle again!

4. Clear the Laundry
Do you have piles and piles of laundry lying about the house? It’s time to start the washer and put them away! Get your kids to help with the hanging and folding of the clothes. This is a great time to sort out which clothes to wear for the season or keep for next season. While the washer is still running, it’s also a great time to change the bedsheets and curtains.

5. Declutter your cabinets
Getting more cupboards to store your stuff is an easy way out to hide away your clutter but do you know what’s in the drawer? Time to sort out those drawers and put similar items all in the same cabinet. That way, it’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for the next time you need something. Get the kids to help by doing the same when sorting out their toys.

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